My notes on formatting Lisp code — as a professional designer who is just starting with Lisp and trying to make sense of it all

Credits: Google Common Lisp Style Guide, Emacs 21.2 Manual, Strandh’s Tutorial on Indentation, Rainer Joswig, ACow_Adonis, following Reddit users: defunkydrummer, lispm, KaranasToll, kazkylheku, theangreymacsshibe, xach, zulu-inoe

Lisp is infamous for its reliance on parentheses ( ) to delimit code and is notorious for being difficult to read because of this. As many experienced lisp programmers have pointed out, and as this article will hopefully show, properly indented code makes reading lisp much easier and the parentheses disappear into the background.

In this article, we will discuss some basic concepts for formatting Lisp code and I will share with you my personal notes, as a professional designer of presentations and reports. …


Ashok Khanna

Masters in Quantitative Finance, Work in Investor Relations, Enjoy Maths & Lisp

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